René Schulte

René Schulte is Head of 3D and Quantum Communities of Practices at Reply working with teams across the globe on emerging technologies. Being a trusted advisor for our clients and an internationally recognized expert.

He is a creative developer, thought leader and digital content creator with a passion for UX and 20 years of deep technical knowledge in fields like Spatial Computing, Real-Time 3D, VR/AR, XR, VPS AR Cloud Real-World Metaverse, Reality Capture, Digital Humans, Quantum Computing, Generative AI, Deep Learning and more.

He was featured on Forbes and is invited as expert to global TV stations and a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at conferences like //build, Ignite, Global XR, Univ. Heidelberg, Unite, Vision VR/AR Summit, VRDC (GDC), AWE, ESA, RTC, VRARA, MR Dev Days and more. Writes articles and is the creator of the video podcasts QuBites and Meta Minutes. He also created open-source libraries like WriteableBitmapEx.

He was honored 13 years in a row for his dev community work with a double Microsoft MVP award in Mixed Reality and Quantum Computing, recognized as Microsoft Regional Director and Advisory Board member for the VR/AR Association and XR Bootcamp.

He is an avid cyclist and lives in Dresden, Germany with his wife and their 5 children.