Alan Smithson

Keynote speaker

Pix & Shovelz – Creator Tools to Build the Metaverse

René Schulte

Keynote speaker

The Generative AI revolution transforming every industry

Julie Smithson

Keynote speaker

XR Women Unleashed

Virtual after party with DJ Fabee

Step into a whole new dimension of partying with the after-party hosted by DJ Fabee in our night club in Spatial.IO during the Global XR Conference 2023. With a live DJ, delicious drinks, and a breathtaking virtual environment, this experience is not one to be missed. Get ready to have a blast and dance the night away!

The party will take place on November 2 at 7 pm UTC.  Access the party on Spatial.IO here

Meta Quest: XR Workshop! Unity 2022 + OpenXR + XR Interaction Toolkit

The Meta-verse is inevitable, and here’s where YOU begin your hands-on XR journey! The hardest part in XR is getting started – what tools do you need? What do you need to configure? How do you use the controllers? How do you program interactions between virtual objects? So join us as we all make our own XR applications using the latest XR tools and libraries – Unity 2022 + OpenXR + XR Interaction Toolkit!

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What our attendees say.

“The Global XR Conference was an incredible experience! It offered valuable insights into the world of XR and provided a fantastic networking platform for professionals and enthusiasts alike.”

“Extended reality is the best way to join the real world with the digital world. The Global XR Community is a group of people that shares the same passion about technology and innovation!”

“I was blown away by the quality of the presentations and the depth of knowledge shared at the Global XR Conference. It’s a must-attend event for anyone interested in XR!”

“The Global XR Bootcamp was the best independent community event I attended last year, with inspiring speakers covering every aspect of immersive technologies. A gift should always bring as much good to the world as possible, so I am going to give the won headset to my parents to help them with keeping good spirits and physical fitness even during the Covid-19 lockdown.”

“The Global XR Conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in the XR industry. I left feeling inspired and motivated to take my work to new heights.”

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